March, 2017

I don't give 5 stars across-the-board lightly. Robert "Bo" was an excellent partner with whom to work. He grew up local and does an excellent job of merging the anecdotes and backstory of an area with the statistical analysis of the market and regions of Seattle. He provided honest feedback on locations, buildings, etc. to help steer us in the right direction.

Bo was imminently available and we knew he put us first anytime we reached out to him, not by words, but by actions.

He also helped us understand the entire process, the differences in the HOA market in Seattle vs. other locations I've lived, set the right expectations on lenders, Title companies, etc.

For negotiation, he weighed out desire to purchase locations vs. the actual value of properties and helped us make decisions that kept us from buying a bad investment. He protected us in a weird situation where an offer was accepted, but then terms and agreements in the HOA became a little shaky and worried us. In the end, we love the location we purchased and he helped us negotiate it to slightly more than the ask price, but $9k less than the appraised value, so we're already ahead on equity!

In all aspects of our interactions with Bo, I was impressed and happy. I've already recommended him to a few friends, and will continue to do so in the future.